Which account type should I choose

This page is for anyone wondering which account type to choose, when opening a new account with Goldcore. 

You can open several different types of accounts, in a number of different currencies. Please take note of the different account types to make sure that you select the right account for your investment requirements. 

You can read more about the different types of accounts, below. Or you can watch our video. 

  • Personal account - Used by private individuals to manage all their precious metal investment needs.
  • Joint account - Used by two or more private individuals. You can opt for a single or dual signature account.
  • Company account - This account allows companies, trust, charities etc to open up an account. Entities will need to provide special documentation and appoint a representative.
  • Pension - This account is used to process your precious metal-approved pension investments. It is important to note that pension assets can never be delivered to the individual while the assets reside in a pension account.
  • GoldSaver account - This is our popular gold savings account.  GoldSaver allows you to purchase physical gold in an unallocated account, starting from as little as €100, £100 or $100 per month.