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Gold Australian Kangaroo 1 Ounce

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1.00 oz $ 2,333.02 $ 2,438.01
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Buy Australian Kangaroo 1 oz Gold Coin

The Australian Gold Kangaroo gold and silver bullion coins were first minted by The Perth Mint of Western Australia in 1987. The Gold Kangaroo or Nugget as it was first known is a 99.99% pure gold bullion coin. It has become a favourite gold bullion coin among both collectors and investors in The US and internationally.

What Are the Benefits of Owning a Kangaroo Gold Coins?


  • Gold Kangaroo contains 1 ounce of 0.9999 pure gold
  • Perth Mint mints coins - One of leading & largest mints and refiners in world
  • Legal tender coin backed by the Western Australian government
  • Competitive pricing and premiums
  • Non-digital, hack-proof and proven safe haven
  • Portable, internationally liquid form of financial insurance

How to Buy Australian 1 oz Gold Kangaroos coins?

Buying 1 oz Gold Kangaroos in Ireland is an easy and simple process. You can buy them online for Delivery by Post or Storage using the BUY button or you can call our office to place your order over the phone.

We sell Gold Kangaroos and all major bullion coin and bar bullion formats and you can pay by bank wire, credit card or debit card.

We make a market in Kangaroos and offer fully insured delivery to our US clients throughout the US - from our depository partner vaults in London and Zurich.

Insured delivery of Gold Kangaroos to homes or offices is popular and many clients do both - take delivery of some Gold Kangaroos and own the rest in Secure Storage.

Many of our Irish clients opt to store their Gold Kangaroos in fully insured, offshore Secure Storage jurisdictions. We specialise in offering clients access to allocated and segregated bullion storage in secure non bank vault partners in safer jurisdictions in the world such as Zurich, Hong Kong and Singapore.


Live Prices

Order Value Price Premium
$ 1,500 - $ 68,999 $ 2,438.01 4.50%
$ 69,000 - $ 136,999 $ 2,431.01 4.20%
$ 137,000 - $ 342,999 $ 2,421.21 3.78%
$ 343,000 - $ 684,999 $ 2,412.81 3.42%
$ 685,000 - $ 1,368,999 $ 2,407.21 3.18%
$ 1,369,000 + $ 2,403.01 3.00%

What is the Price of a Gold Kangaroo in United States?

The price of Australian Gold coin 1 oz is shown in the upper right section of this page. The price of a 1 oz Gold Kangaroo in US is calculated using three components:

  1. The gold spot price
  2. The weight and purity of gold
  3. The gold premium. The gold premium is the percentage adjustment that is added or deducted from the gold spot price depending on whether a gold buyer is buying (add premium) or selling (deduct premium). The gold premium of Gold Kangaroos are determined by the costs of production, refining, fabrication, minting and the logistics of making the gold coins available for sale in US. The price of a Gold Kangaroo is also impacted by supply and demand and the amount of gold being bought.

In order to determine the price of a Gold Kangaroo, simply multiply the spot price of gold by the number of gold troy ounce in the coin (1 ounce) and then add or subtract the current premium for the coin or coins. GoldCore’s premiums on Kangaroos are competitive at between 3.5% and 5%.

The value of a Gold Kangaroo is that they are a competitively priced, highly popular and a portable store of value which is very liquid. They are a valuable, potentially invaluable form of financial insurance. They are one of the best ways for gold buyers and investors to own physical gold. They act as a hedge and protect  gold buyers from domestic and international financial and monetary risks.

What is the History of Gold Kangaroo Coin?

In 1987, the year of the last Wall Street crash, The Perth Mint introduced the Australian Nugget 1 oz gold bullion coin. The Perth Mint is entirely owned and backed by the Western Australian Government.

The first release featuring an image of the world’s largest gold nugget, the 2,284 oz ‘Welcome Stranger’ Nugget, which was found in Victoria in 1869. For the next three years, other significant natural nuggets were showcased on this unique program.

Since 1990, The Australian Nugget has carried different portraits of the uniquely Australian animal – the kangaroo – and as a result, it has become known as the Australian Kangaroo.

The Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin now features a new design of Australia’s most famous marsupial – the kangaroo – each year. The only exception is the large 1 kilo size release, which maintains a classic kangaroo design created by Dr Stuart Devlin, AO, CMG, goldsmith and jeweler to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This and the reasonably limited mintage adds a degree of collectibility to Kangaroo gold coins. 

The Perth Mint is fully owned by the Western Australian state government. The mint operates Australia’s largest gold refinery and one of the world’s largest gold refineries. It also mints legal tender gold and silver coins on behalf of the Australian Commonwealth Government, and a range of silver and gold bar products.

The Perth Mint refinery is on the LBMA’s good delivery list for both gold and silver good delivery bars, and on the CME’s Comex approved refinery list for gold bars.

GoldCore only sells gold coins from trusted government mints such as The Royal Mint, The Austrian Mint, The U.S. Mint, The South African Mint, The Royal Canadian Mint and The Perth Mint.

Should an investor buy 1 oz Australian Gold Kangaroo Coins?

Australian Gold Kangaroo coins are an attractive alternative to other bullion products. The range of bullion coins issued by The Perth Mint offers investors and collectors a range of features that combine to add value to their precious metals, making each series of these beautiful gold coins a firm favourite. 

Whether you decide to take possession of your precious metals or have them stored safely on your behalf with a secure third party, Gold Kangaroos are an excellent bullion coin to own. 

Gold Kangaroos or Nuggets typically command premiums of between 4% and 5% with GoldCore who offer some of the most competitive premiums for both delivery by post in the US and for secure international storage.