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Invest in Gold and Silver in Your IRA

You have worked hard to build your retirement savings and naturally you want to protect those savings as best as you can. But how do you protect them against another financial crisis or the effects of weakening dollar or the scourge of inflation. Traditional investments like stocks and bonds and property have been shown historically to perform badly in these situations. Precious metals like gold and silver on the other hand, have historically performed extremely well in these circumstances. And with the increased risks to the financial system and rampant inflation, there has never been a better time to make an investment in precious metals through your IRA.

Precious Metals IRAs

The 1977 Taxpayer Relief Act allows you to buy gold and/or silver in an IRA. You can purchase eligible gold or silver coins or bars through your IRA and have them securely stored on your behalf in a high security specialized vault. All you need is an IRA account with our recommended and approved custodian (see below) and we can take care of the rest.


Why Buy Precious Metals

For centuries precious metals have been understood to be a store of wealth. Gold and silver are solid, tangible assets. You can touch them and hold them in the palm of your hand. They derive their value from the fact that they are limited in supply and finite in nature. They cannot be created or destroyed, and they are widely used in industry.

But most importantly they have value because they have been desired by humans for thousands of years for these very reasons. Gold and silver are real money.


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Owning something that is both finite and desired means that as more and more currency is created the price of gold measured in that currency will also rise. Therefore, gold and silver are an excellent hedge against inflation and a weakening dollar. Historically, precious metals have also proven to be a hedge against deflation.

Precious metals are also uncorrelated with other asset classes, which means that the events that cause precious metal to rise in value are different to those that cause stocks, bonds, or property to rise in value. This makes an allocation to precious metals a very astute way to diversify your portfolio and provide an element of financial insurance in an uncertain world.

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Owning precious metals can protect your savings, your portfolio and your family’s financial security. Precious metals have not just been a vital investment in the past but remain a vital investment now and in the future.

This is why, everyone should own some gold as part of their investment portfolio.

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About GoldCore

GoldCore is one of the world's most respected and client-focused precious metal specialist providers. Established in 2003, we are experts in the purchase and sale and storage of physical gold and silver coins and bars.

Vision, Mission, and Philosophy

Our Vision
To be the first and finest provider of precious metal investment services.
Our Mission
To make investing in precious metals accessible and safe and efficient.
Our Philosophy
An investment in precious metals is an investment in financial insurance.

Why Goldcore

1 c-1

Established 2003

2 a-1

Over 14,500 clients

3 a-1

$1bn in Precious Metal Sales

4 a-1

Fully Allocated and Segregated Storage

5 b-1

One of the Largest Storage Networks in the Industry


4.8/5 Star Rating on Ekomi


Member of the Better Business Bureau


Clients in 130+ countries

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We are involved with all major refiners and many of the world’s major mints. GoldCore is one of few approved dealers of the Perth Mint Certificate programme (run by Perth Mint on behalf of the Government of Western Australia). We attained this honour in 2005, after passing their strict due diligence process.

Distributors of...


Our expertise is also recognised by international media, with GoldCore executives appearing as Precious Metal Experts on radio and television, including CNBC, CNN, Reuters, BBC, and Bloomberg TV. We’ve also been featured in many national and international newspapers, including the Financial Times.

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But we’re so much more than our reputation alone; we excel because we care about our client’s interests. We have a consistently high track record when it comes to client satisfaction, fostering long-term partnerships since 2003. If we cannot add value, we’ll say so, and, when we are confident, we’ll share that too. Our client referrals reflect our commitment, with many willing to refer their closest family members. Sons refer fathers, daughters refer mothers, and we welcome their best friends, neighbours, and work colleagues alike. We are entirely honoured by their trust in GoldCore.

3 Simple Steps to Start Your Precious Metals IRA

STEP 1: Open a Self-Directed IRA through our approved Custodian.
If you already have an IRA with our approved custodian, skip to step 2.

STEP 2: There are three ways to fund your new IRA 1) prior and current year contributions with a personal check or bank wire 2) custodian-to-custodian direct transfer if you are using funds from an existing IRA 3) IRA rollover, if you are using qualified funds from a 401k or a pension plan. Your new IRA custodian will help you with these steps. If you already have an IRA with one of GoldCore’s approved custodians, please add GoldCore as your interested party or precious metals dealer.

STEP 3: Purchase approved Gold and or Silver from GoldCore and choose your preferred storage.
After your account is funded, please notify your representative at GoldCore. Once GoldCore has verified available funds, you are ready to buy gold or silver

N.B. Minimum Investment Amounts:

Initial Investment - $10,000

Subsequent Investments - $5,000

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GoldCore Approved Partner for Precious Metal IRA Custody


The IRA Club

IRA Approved Precious Metals Investments

IRA Approved Gold Coins


American Gold Eagle


American Gold Buffalos


Australian Gold Kangaroo


Austrian Gold Philharmonic

download  2)

Gold Britannia


Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

IRA Approved Silver Coins


American Silver Eagle


Australian Silver Kangaroo


Austrian Silver Philharmonic


Silver Britannia


Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

IRA Approved Gold Bars


1 Ounce Gold Bar


10 Ounce Gold Bar


100 Gram Gold Bar


250 Gram Gold Bar


1 Kilo Gold Bar


400 Ounce Gold Bar

IRA Approved Silver Bars

product_bars_perthmint_Silver-Bar-100oz01a (1)

100 Ounce Silver Bars


1000 Ounce Silver Bars

IRA Approved Perth Mint Certificates


Perth Mint Unallocated Gold Certificate


Perth Mint Unallocated Silver Certificate


Perth Mint Allocated Gold Certificate


Perth Mint Allocated Silver Certificate

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Our Depository Services

In line with our mission to protect and grow your wealth, we facilitate the ownership of precious metals in the safest ways possible utilising the most secure vaults in the US and Canada. We have one of the largest networks of storage, logistics and insurance partners who work with us to safeguard our clients’ stored precious metals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone open an IRA?

Any individual who earns an income can generally open an IRA. An IRA is different from a 401k which can only be opened by an employer.

What are the types of IRA that are available?

Self-Directed IRA - You control what investment assets to hold in the account such as real estate, precious metals, mutual funds, hedge funds, REITs, bonds etc.

Traditional IRA - IRA opened by an individual. Investment growth held in this account is tax free, and tax-deductible contributions are allowed. Traditional IRA withdrawals are not tax-deductible.

Simple IRA - IRAs set up by an employer, hence the name SIMPLE = Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees. Contributions are tax deductible in a similar way to a Traditional IRA. Both employee and employer can contribute into this type of IRA.

SEP IRA - Simplified Employee Pension (SEP), is set up by an employer and only the employer can contribute to the IRA. Like a traditional IRA, employer contributions are tax-deductible.

Roth IRA – The growth of investments is tax free, and distributions from the ROTH IRA are tax free, but contributions into the ROTH IRA are not tax deductible and have to be made from after-tax income.

How long does it take to rollover an existing IRA or 401k?

Opening your new IRA account only takes 1-2 days. Transferring or rolling-over funds from an existing IRA can take up to 3 weeks.

 How long do I have to deposit my funds in my new IRA after my 401k rollover?

Your 401k administrator will send the funds directly to you. You have 60 days to transfer the funds into your new self-directed IRA. If you exceed the 60 days, you may have to pay taxes to the IRS. Please talk with your tax advisor prior to transferring the funds.

 Where are my metals stored and are they insured?

You can choose from 5 different locations globally to have your gold and silver stored. All gold and silver assets are fully insured during shipping and storage.

 How can I know my metals are at the depository? Is the depository audited?

The depository is regularly audited by the depository and by an unaffiliated third party. A full accounting record can be produced to ensure your metals are safe and secure. All metals are fully allocated and fully segregated.

How many IRA’s can I have?

Investors may open multiple IRA’s, but annual contribution limits still apply.

Is there a minimum or maximum purchase amount?

The minimum initial purchase is $10,000. Subsequent transactions are subject to a minimum of $5,000. There are no limits on how much you can invest per transaction.

 What is the difference between physical precious metals and ETF precious metals?

Physical precious metals are coins or bars that are purchased and stored in a segregated account and long-term storage. ETF’s, or exchange traded funds, are paper instruments for investors who usually like to get in and out of the investment quickly. ETF’s come with counter party risks and are usually reserved for brokerage accounts.

 Can I put gold and silver that I already own into my self-directed IRA?

No. You must follow IRS guidelines and use IRA funds to purchase gold and silver from an approved vendor.

 How can I access my investments when I’m ready to do a distribution or take possession of my gold or silver?

Liquidating some or all your precious metals or doing an in-kind distribution and taking possession of them is a simple process. GoldCore offers to buy back your gold or silver at very competitive prices. If you choose to take physical delivery, your custodian can have the coins or bars shipped directly to you.

 What is the IRA contribution limits?

Please find all IRA contribution details on these IRS links:

Matt Psarras - Senior Bullion Advisor and Precious Metals Specialist
Matt began his professional career in the precious metals industry in 2006, starting out with a focus on numismatics and then shifting his expertise to the trading of bullion. Over a decade, Matt dedicated his expertise to overseeing the U.S. operations of The Perth Mint Certificate Program for an authorized dealer. In 2021, Matt brought his extensive 15-plus years of experience in precious metals—including profound knowledge of The Perth Mint and self-directed IRAs—to GoldCore. His appointment was pivotal in launching and directing the company's U.S. division.

Given his long standing optimistic stance on precious metals, Matt advocates for their inclusion as a fundamental component of diversified investment portfolios.