Buy Gold Bars in the US today and help protect your wealth. At GoldCore, we give investors the opportunity to add gold bars to their investment portfolios in order to diversify their risk while protecting their wealth.

All gold bars bought from GoldCore are investment grade bullion bars from London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) approved refineries or government mints

We understand that each client is unique, which is why we work hard to give you the best service and solutions tailored to suit your needs.

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Gold Bullion Bar 1 Kg

Weight: 32.15 oz
Max Online Trade Value: $ 200,000.00
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Gold Bullion Bar 1 Ounce

Weight: 1.00 oz
Max Online Trade Value: $ 65,000.00
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Gold Bullion Bar 10 Ounce

Weight: 10.00 oz
Max Online Trade Value: $ 65,000.00
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400 oz Gold Bar - London Good Delivery

Weight: 400.00 oz
Max Online Trade Value: $ 600,000.00
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250 Gram Gold Bar

Weight: 8.04 oz
Max Online Trade Value: $ 100,000.00
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500 Gram Gold Bar

Weight: 16.08 oz
Max Online Trade Value: $ 100,000.00
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Weight: 0
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Buy Gold Bars Online

Buying gold bars online has become increasingly popular in recent years as it offers individuals a convenient and secure way to invest in physical gold. Gold bars can vary in size, ranging from a few grams to several ounces, and can be purchased from GoldCore where we offer competitive pricing.

Additionally, buying gold bars online allows for more transparency in pricing, as market prices are readily available and easily accessible. Overall, it provides an efficient way for investors to own physical gold and reap the potential benefits of this precious metal. 

What are Gold Bars?

A gold bar is a uniform slab of gold with a purity of 99.99%. They come in various weights and sizes to suit any investor's needs. Gold bars are supplied by private refineries and sovereign mints. Larger bars are minted by pouring molten gold into a cast, while smaller ones are cast using heavy machinery.

Gold bars can be used in a number of ways, such as personal assets, commercial finance instruments and reserve currency. Today, they are used primarily as a long term store of value and as a proven hedge against inflation and uncertainty.

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Gold Bars For Sale

GoldCore exclusively offers gold bullion bars sourced from LBMA-approved refiners. Therefore, when purchasing gold bars, you can rest assured that the quality will be top-notch. 

Our gold bars are available in various sizes such as:

  • 1 Ounce Gold Bar: Our 1 oz gold bars are made from investment-grade gold bullion with a purity of at least 99.5%. Each one weighs exactly 1 troy ounce (31.1034768 grams).
  • 250-gram Gold Bar: These bars have a gold content purity of at least 99.5%. Both high-net-worth investors and store-of-value buyers are attracted to 250g gold bars. Not only is it easy to store, but it is also aesthetically pleasing and a great investment.
  • 10 Oz Gold Bar: Conveniently sized, these investment-grade bullion bars weigh exactly 10 troy ounces (311.034768 grams) and have a purity of around 99.5% or above. 10 oz Gold bars are sold at slightly lower premiums than 1-ounce gold bars or coins.
  • 500 gram Gold Bar: Also coveted by both high-net-worth investors and store-of-value buyers alike, these 500g gold bars are a great investment option for those wanting to purchase gold bars at lower premiums.
  • 1 Kg Gold bar: Our 1 kilo (32.1507 troy ounces) gold bars weigh exactly 1 kg. They have a purity of between 0.995% and 0.9999%. 1 kg gold bars are quickly becoming the preferred bullion bar for high-net-worth and institutional investors, especially those in Asia.

Investing in Gold Bars

When it comes to investing in gold bars, there are a few factors that will need careful consideration. By taking these factors into consideration before investing you can ensure you make an informed decision appropriate to your investment needs.

The purity of gold bars

Investment-grade gold is refined to a purity of 99.5% and above pure solid gold and comes in the form of bars and coins. Investment grade gold is also known as gold bullion and its value is derived from the spot price of gold as traded on the international markets.

Gold bars are sold at a premium above the spot price. This premium covers manufacturing, distribution and dealers fees. 

Generally speaking, gold bars have a smaller premium than coins. This is because it takes less time and effort to produce them. It is also worth considering that gold dealers often charge a lower premium for larger bars.


Gold bullion bars come in evenly-shaped, rectangular blocks, with a gold content of 99.99%. These bars come in various sizes and weights, but the most popular sizes include 1oz gold bars, 10 oz gold bars, 100g, 1 kilo, and 400 oz.

If you buy larger gold bars, you cannot divide them if you wish to sell a portion. You must sell the entire bar. Larger bars may be the cheapest option for larger investors, but it might be preferable to buy smaller bars or coins for smaller investors. This means that you can sell a portion of your gold when the opportunity presents itself.


With smaller quantities of gold bars or coins, you could choose to take delivery and store them safely in your home. However, for larger investments it is recommended that you use specialised insured vaults in secure jurisdictions operated by professionals. For example, GoldCore offers high-security vaults to clients in the US, Switzerland, London, Dublin and Singapore. 

These professional vaults are not only more secure but make the process of selling faster and easier as gold bars remain within the “chain of integrity”. Bars held at a private residence or safety deposit box facilities would be required to undergo a process of re-authentication prior to being accepted for sale by a bullion dealer. 

How to buy gold bars?

GoldCore provides a variety of gold bars to choose from. With a personal account, you can easily manage your investments from home with complete privacy. If you need any assistance, we are ready to assist you. 

If you want to get started and buy gold bars with GoldCore, simply click on the "open account" button located at the top of our website. We guarantee that purchasing gold bars from GoldCore in the US is a safe and straightforward process. However, we acknowledge that investing in gold can be daunting for those who are new to it, which is why we offer free strategy consultations to assist you in navigating the process. 

You may also contact one of our experts via phone: US +1 888 381 8130, UK +44 203 0869200, Ireland  +353 1 632 5010

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Gold Bars for Sale USA

Based in Dublin, GoldCore serves thousands of customers each year and has one of the most modern and secure online trading platforms. We are able to provide gold bars ranging in size from 1 oz to 400 oz and even offer high-security storage options to safeguard our clients' wealth. When storing our clients' valuable precious metals, we prioritise safety, privacy, security, and confidentiality. You can’t go wrong with GoldCore as we are the best place to buy gold bars in the US.

GoldCore also offers buy-back services, making selling when you're ready easier than ever.

With more than 14,000 clients and over $1 billion in transactions, we are a top choice for precious metal investors.

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