What are Gold Coins Worth? (2024 Valuation)

This article has been reviewed and updated for 2024.

Adding gold bullion to your investment portfolio is the ultimate way of safeguarding your wealth, as gold performs well during times of turmoil and economic uncertainty. As a result, it adds an element of financial insurance to your investment portfolio. This is evident in last year's metrics. The price of gold reached an all-time high in August last year, in the midst of a global pandemic and the subsequent economic upheaval. A similar rise in the value of gold coins can be observed throughout history, during times of turmoil. But, what are gold coins worth?

What Are Gold Coins Worth?

The price of gold bullion coins is easily calculated. However, the price is not fixed, and it will fluctuate, just like any other investment. This means that you will need to keep an eye on the current market price for gold in order to understand their current value. The following are the main factors that will influence how much gold coins are worth.

  • Weight: The weight of a gold coin will always influence its worth. The larger coins cost more, with smaller coins costing less.
  • Gold content: The higher the gold content, the higher the value of the coin. For instance, Canadian Maple Leaf coins are amongst the purest gold coins, and they are amongst the most valuable.
  • Gold spot price: This refers to the wholesale price at which large 400 ounce gold bars are traded between banks in the international markets. Generally speaking, you should expect to pay about 4-6% over the spot price, as there will be a ‘premium’. This is a small margin that covers the cost of converting wholesale gold in to smaller sized retail investment coins. It will also contain a small fee for the gold dealer.
  • Investor demand: As mentioned, Canadian Maple Leaf coins are amongst the purest, and so they are extremely sought after. The same can be said for American Eagle gold coins. Therefore, they may warrant a slightly higher premium. Imbalances between supply and demand for specific gold coins can and will influence the premiums at which these coins trade. This is an important factor to consider when investing in gold coins.

Generally speaking, you can calculate the real value of a gold bullion coin by multiplying the pure gold content by the current gold spot price.

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How Can I Keep Up to Date With Gold Prices?

As mentioned above, the spot price of gold is one of the main driving factors in the value of gold bullion coins. However, we also know that this price fluctuates. Whilst the value of gold coins remains quite high, it will change every so slightly on a daily basis. But, how much is a gold coin worth today?

We understand how important it is for our investors to have up-to-date information about their gold bullion investments. Therefore, we have included a live feed on the top of our website. That way, if you're ever wondering "what are gold coins worth?", you can simply visit our homepage for an accurate update at any time. 

Check out our Live Gold price chart now. 

What are Gold Coins Worth in Your Investment Portfolio ?

Adding gold bullion to your investment portfolio is an excellent way to spread risks associated with your other assets, particularly if they are high-risk. High-risk assets could be anything that the value is indirectly or directly affected by economic factors, such as inflation/deflation, interest rates, stock market volatility, or currency fluctuations.

Gold coins, on the other hand, have proven to be a steadfast form of investment that has truly stood the test of time. This is all down to the unwavering worth of gold.

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