Fed’s “Fool Me…”, Silver Suppression, Euro Contagion In 2017?

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One of the world’s leading investors, Mark Mobius told a gold conference in Dubai that the new ‘Shariah Gold Standard’ is both “innovative and revolutionary” and importantly will bring “transparency” to the physical gold market which suffers from a lack of trust.
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Silver Fixing By Banks Proven In Traders Chats

Giant precious metals beach balls pushed to bottom of sea. This creates an opportunity as the suppression of gold and silver prices in recent years means that they remain undervalued.
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Euro Crisis and Contagion Coming In 2017

The people who are likely to win the next election want to take Italy out of the euro and replace the euro with their own currency, the lira. Unfortunately for the EU, if Greece was a tricky issue to deal with, Italy is — in economic terms — a massive Greece …”
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Gold and Silver Bullion – News and Commentary

Gold slides to 10-month low on post-Fed dollar surge (Reuters.com)

Indian Gold imports up 23.24% in November (Business-Standard.com)

Gold Makes Pushback After Getting ‘Smoked’ by Fed’s Hike, Trump (Bloomberg.com)

Dollar, Stocks Hit Speed Bump in Fed-Driven Rally; Bonds Gain (Bloomberg.com)

Asia Gold-China premiums jump to 3-yr highs, Indian demand stays weak (Reuters.com)

(Image Source: Frisby and Money Week)

Near a Tradable Low for Gold – Frisby (MoneyWeek.com)

All that glitters remains gold in India (TheHindu.com)

Greece faces permanent crisis as IMF warns bail-out plan ‘simply not credible’ (Telegraph.co.uk)

Gold Gets ‘Smoked’ With Six Weeks of Losses to Near Bear Market (Bloomberg.com)

Gold Chart Annotated With Exchanges Between Market-Manipulating Traders (GoldChartsRus.com)


Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

16 Dec: USD 1,134.85, GBP 911.17 & EUR 1,084.80 per ounce
15 Dec: USD 1,132.45, GBP 904.37 & EUR 1,080.70 per ounce
14 Dec: USD 1,160.95, GBP 917.38 & EUR 1,091.99 per ounce
13 Dec: USD 1,157.35, GBP 911.18 & EUR 1,090.80 per ounce
12 Dec: USD 1,154.40, GBP 916.82 & EUR 1,089.41 per ounce
09 Dec: USD 1,168.90, GBP 927.64 & EUR 1,100.75 per ounce
08 Dec: USD 1,174.75, GBP 925.47 & EUR 1,088.64 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

16 Dec: USD 16.05, GBP 12.91 & EUR 15.36 per ounce
15 Dec: USD 16.14, GBP 12.95 & EUR 15.51 per ounce
14 Dec: USD 17.11, GBP 13.52 & EUR 16.07 per ounce
13 Dec: USD 17.01, GBP 13.39 & EUR 16.04 per ounce
12 Dec: USD 16.86, GBP 13.34 & EUR 15.90 per ounce
09 Dec: USD 16.95, GBP 13.45 & EUR 16.03 per ounce
08 Dec: USD 17.13, GBP 13.50 & EUR 15.88 per ounce

Recent Market Updates

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– Silver Fixing By Banks Proven In Traders Chats
– Euro Crisis and Contagion Coming In 2017
– ECB ‘Bazooka’ Reloaded Until At Least December 2017 – Euro Gold Rises 1%; 13% YTD
– UK £6 Billion Worse Off After Multi Billion Pound Gold “Accounting Error”
– Buy Silver – May Replace Gold As Money In India
– Shariah Gold Standard Approved for $2 Trillion Islamic Finance Market
– Potential “Systemic Crisis In Eurozone” After Italy Votes No, Renzi Resigns
– Gold and Silver Will Protect From Coming Financial Crash – Rickards
– RBS Fail Bank of England Stress Test
– Peak Silver – Supply Deficits Mean Higher Prices
– Bail In Risk – €4 Trillion Banking System In Italy Poses Contagion Risk as Referendum Looms
– Gold Down 13.5% In 13 Days – Trump Bearish For Gold?

Mark O'Byrne
Executive Director