US Mint Sees “Astounding” Demand For Silver Coins

The U.S. Mint is seeing “astounding” demand for gold and particularly silver coins as covered by us in recent months and as noted by Frank Holmes of U.S. Funds writing in Gold Seek today.

In his excellent weekly SWOT analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats – of the precious metal markets, Holmes notes that:


Over the past five days investors bought 26.8 metric tonnes of bullion through exchange-traded products backed by the metal, according to Bloomberg (see chart above). In addition, Reuters says gold and silver demand is off the charts; the U.S. Mint sold nearly as much gold on the first day of 2016 as in all of January 2015, with silver sales equally as astounding.

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SWOT Analysis: U.S. Mint Reports Astounding Gold and Silver Demand


Precious Metal Prices

21 Jan LBMA Gold Prices: USD 1,096.80, EUR 1,006.98 and GBP 774.99  per ounce
20 Jan LBMA Gold Prices: USD 1,093.20, EUR 999.73 and GBP 771.08 per ounce
19 Jan LBMA Gold Prices: USD 1,087.00, EUR 999.77 and GBP 759.79 per ounce
18 Jan LBMA Gold Prices: USD 1,090.45, EUR 1,001.06 and GBP 763.67 per ounce
15 Jan LBMA Gold Prices: USD 1,081.80, EUR 991.38 and GBP 753.17 per ounce

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Mark O'Byrne
Executive Director

  • tom d

    The big banks are facing horror from their bad loans to the oil patch. Four major banks hold huge shorts in Silver. The federal reserve will do what ever possible to keep silver down but if the sharks understand the problems with the oil loans and silver shorts bitting they will attack knowing that the banks can get the money to cover high price silver from the federal reserve. I think the fact that people are looking for physical silver tells that it has a value. It is the banks who can do unlimited shorting. How this is allowed can only be explained it is a method allowed by the federal reserve as a piggy bank. The problem is if printing money made an economy then we would all be rich.

  • Ian McKay

    Can anyone actually verify that there is large retail demand for both gold and silver coins? By retail I mean smaller investors en masse OR are the sales to large purchasers and not broad based? Thanks.

    • Hi Ian,
      Good question and alas no clear data / info on this. Is likely a mixture of gold and silver coin and bar buyers (stackers) and some HNW. Typical retail investors are not buying bullion market. Small minority were beginning to in 2010/2011.

      Retail investors remain focused on property and stocks – particularly “sexy” tech stocks like APPL, FB and GOOG.

      Gold and silver remain the preserve of smaller hard money communities and those very concerned about currency debasement, bail ins and systemic risk.