Silver Coins VAT Free In The UK

Buy silver coins VAT free in the UK and throughout the EU. This can now be done with silver bullion coins which are collectible, legal tender bullion coins issued by government mints such as the Royal Mint.

We purchase and import silver bullion coins in the EU through a VAT-compliant process that exempts you the buyer from the VAT liability. The scheme allows us to ship silver coins to the UK and any other country in the EU free of VAT to the buyer.

silver_britanniasVAT and CGT Free Silver Britannias (1 oz)

Since 2003, GoldCore have helped investors buy silver coins and we specialise in making a market in silver coins to private individuals, companies, financial advisors and institutional investors. We deal in all precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) on a daily basis, including buying, selling,  insuring, storing and delivery.

We help our customers to protect and grow their wealth through the sale of VAT free coins within the EU. We purchase large quantities from  refineries and mints who we have long standing relationships with. As we deal in large volumes, we provide the most competitive prices.


Precious metals continue to look very undervalued vis-à-vis most asset classes – particularly stocks and bonds. Silver at less than $20 per ounce looks the most undervalued of the precious metals.

It is slowly recovering from a more than 70% price fall from what we believe was an intermediate price high of just over $49 in 2011. Silver remains very undervalued on an historical basis and is undervalued even against gold.

The fundamental reasons for our very bullish outlook on silver is due to

– Declining and very small supply of above ground refined silver
– Significant industrial and technology demand
– Continuing & increasing global macroeconomic, systemic, geopolitical and monetary risks
– Most importantly significant and increasing investment and currency devaluation demand Silver’s historic role as money and a store of value

We continue to see silver as very undervalued vis-à-vis gold but more especially vis-à-vis stocks, bonds and many property markets. Rather than selling the financial insurance that is gold, we would advise reducing allocations to stocks, bonds and property and allocating to silver.

GoldCore believe that silver is set to outperform most assets and even gold and believe that $100 per ounce will be achieved in the coming years.

More importantly, legal tender silver bullion coins – like Silver Nuggets (Kangaroos), Eagles, Maples and Britannias (also CGT free) are great forms of insurance against currency debasement and financial collapse. They also make very nice gifts for loved ones and are a great way to pass on wealth to the next generation.gw_logo_reuters (1)About GoldCore
GoldCore was founded in 2003 and are now one of UK’s largest and most trusted gold brokers. Serving UK clients from their London office since 2005, GoldCore have become one of the leading gold and silver bullion delivery and storage specialists in the UK.

GoldCore have been quoted and interviewed by the Financial Times, the Telegraph, Money Week, and the BBC to name a few. Internationally, their expertise is frequently featured in international media such as CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, Associated Press, Reuters etc and the company takes part in the Bloomberg and CNBC Gold Surveys and the Reuters Precious Metals Poll.gw_logo_reutersCall Us Today To Order – 0203 086 9200 – or Buy Silver Coins Online Here