The GoldSaver Account is a unique approach for savers to accumulate gold and an ideal way to save. GoldSaver is a regular savings account, but instead of saving in euro, pounds or dollars the account facilitates saving in the form of real gold.

With GoldSaver, account holders can buy gold online on a monthly basis with a minimum monthly purchase from as little as €100, paid conveniently by direct debit. Account holders can also make additional lump sum deposits at any time.

“The introduction of GoldCore’s GoldSaver Account provides a promising avenue for retail investors and savers to take advantage of gold’s unique properties as simultaneously a hedge instrument and a safe haven.”

Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev is Professor of Finance at Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey


All gold accumulated via GoldSaver is purchased from the Perth Mint of Western Australia and so GoldSaver Accounts are 100% backed by physical gold held in the Perth Mint.

Gold purchased through GoldSaver is stored in the Perth Mint’s secure and insured vaults. The Perth Mint is government owned and guaranteed by the AAA rated Government of Western Australia.

Cost Effective
With regular contributions to the GoldSaver plan, Irish savers accumulate their gold holding at a variety of prices. This solves the problem of market timing and price volatility, and helps manage risk since the gold holdings are accrued over time and not at any one price-entry point. This is known as unit cost average saving, or euro cost averaging.

The relatively low minimum monthly purchase threshold allows small savers to access the gold market without needing to make prohibitively large purchases at any given time. This bypasses the usual barriers to entry in the gold market, given that gold in larger quantities can be relatively expensive.

A GoldSaver Account only takes a matter of minutes to open and once up and running, account holders can make new purchases online and also view previous transactions and holdings online through our secure online web site.

With GoldSaver, retail savers now have access to an asset class that has been proven to help diversify investment portfolios and hedge against inflation. Saving some of your wealth in the form of gold will also help diversify away from a reliance on the Irish and European banking system with its associated problems of low to zero interest rates, currency debasement, and the potential confiscation of bank deposits to be bailed-in through government-imposed confiscation.

Withdraw your savings in Gold
GoldSaver account holders can withdraw and take delivery and physical possession of the gold balances in their GoldSaver accounts.*
*This option is subject to terms and conditions and associated fees.

The Purchasing power of Gold
Gold is the ultimate store of value over the long term. This characteristic of gold was termed the ‘Golden Constant’ by Professor Roy Jastram, in his book of the same title.

Jastram, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, analysed hundreds of year of gold price data and corresponding general price level data over hundreds for England (1560-1976) and the USA (1800-1976) and calculated an index of gold’s purchasing power and found that it was constant over long periods of time. The study was updated by economist and statistician Jill Leyland of the World Gold Council to cover data up to 2008.

Gold’s constant purchasing power over time is explained by its unique characteristics as a monetary asset and its large above ground stock-to-flow ratio. The worldwide above ground stock of gold is highly stable over time and annual supply increases slowly. Therefor the value of the total stock of gold remains stable in terms of the value of all goods worldwide. As goods prices change over time, gold’s price changes and so it acts as a barometer of inflation expectations.