Affiliate Program - Gold and Silver Bullion Coins and Bars

GoldCore Affiliate Program - Gold and Silver Bullion Coins and Bars

Do you want to partner with one of the leading gold and silver bullion coin and bar brokers and bullion storage providers in the world?

Gold and silver bullion look set to embark on new multi year bull markets. It is very likely that sales will surge again as gold and silver move from the fringe to the mainstream and investors globally again move to secure allocations to gold and silver coins and bars. is a leading online broker of gold and silver bullion. Established in 2003, Goldcore us now one of the more trusted and respected names in the world of precious metals. GoldCore's brand is known by gold and silver buyers globally and the company has built a large community with a huge online reach with thousands of email subscribers and followers on social media. Importantly, to you the Affiliate, GoldCore offer some of the most generous bullion referral payments in the world.

Benefits of Affiliate Program

  1. Gold and silver bullion coins and bars delivered internationally.
  2. GoldCore Secure Storage: Gold and silver bullion vault storage - Cost effective and ultra secure vaults located in Zurich, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Toronto, Delaware and London.
  3. GoldSaver: Gold accumulation program allowing investors to gradually accumulate gold stored in one of the world's largest refineries and mints.
  4. Free resources for affiliates. We are industry leaders in gold and silver education & knowledge. We pride ourselves in keeping our customers, our partners, our affiliates and the wider public informed about the rapidly changing financial world and the gold and silver markets. Free daily economic & precious metals news and commentary, updates, newsletters and research. Our award winning blog and research gets picked up all over the blogosphere and in the media.
    We make our research and marketing resources available to you the affiliate.
  5. Free Essential Guides to gold and silver products and the what, why, how of precious metal investing and other important research such as ‘7 Key Storage Must Haves', 'Protecting Your Wealth in the Coming Bail-In Era' etc
  6. Our customer user experience is one of the best in the precious metals industry and leads to some of the highest conversion rates in the industry. More customers and higher rates of repeat buying, larger average order sizes mean higher earnings per click (EPC) for our affiliate partners. We have full time staff in place dedicated solely to our affiliate partners.

Products and Services Include:

  1. GoldCore Secure Storage – Allocated and segregated with direct legal ownership of bullion coins & bars in Zurich, London, Singapore and Hong Kong
  2. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and bars for international delivery
  3. GoldSaver – Gold accumulation program – regular saving in physical gold bullion
  4. Perth Mint Certificate Program (PMCP) – own precious metal certificates issued by one of the world’s largest mints and refineries – the Perth Mint (est 1899)

We specialise in serving bullion buyers, both smaller investors but also high net worth clients.

Join us, experience the difference today and start earning an income from helping to protect and grow the wealth of your family, friends, clients and wider community.

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