Perth Mint Certificates

Unallocated Gold

We provide comprehensive pricing for South African Krugerrands, American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, British Sovereigns, Silver Eagles, 1 Kilo Gold bars and many more.

We also provide live Perth Mint Certificate Programme prices on gold, silver and platinum.Click below to get our up to the second prices.

Please note that volume discounts will be applied to large orders.


The Safest Way to Buy Gold

GoldCore Secure Storage services offers unrivalled security, convenience and accessibility.

We work with a series of world class partners to bring you a comprehensive storage service programme.

Your holdings can be held at any of our secure facilities in Switzerland, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States.


Investing in Gold Made Easy

The Gold Saver Account is a unique service that allows clients to purchase small amounts of gold on a monthly basis in a secure and cost effective manner.

The Gold Saver Account is suitable for investors of any size looking to diversify their savings.