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(RTE)GoldCore sell very rare coin, with a face value of $1 Million
31 March, 2016
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(U.S. News & World Report)”The backdrop of robust global demand and increasing financial and economic uncertainty is supportive of gold”
19 February, 2016
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Gold Is Back in Fashion, Here’s Why
26 January, 2016
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The 51 best people in European finance to follow on Twitter
7 January, 2016
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Mark O’Byrne on the Price of Gold
29 July, 2015
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“People were expecting that they have bought a lot more” said GoldCore
23 July, 2015
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“Gold appears to be in the process of having one last sell-off and capitulation” GoldCore said
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“Sell-off appears to have come about due to massive concentrated selling in the futures market by one or two funds or banks” said GoldCore
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GoldCore confirms management buyout of wealth division
Miners help FTSE bounce back from four days in the red
19 June, 2015
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Gold “looks undervalued” and “due a bounce” said GoldCore
12 June, 2015
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Is gold becoming ‘less sexy’?
27 May, 2015
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