Buying Gold Bullion Bars

What are Bullion Bars?
Gold bars are called gold bullion bars or ingots. Gold bars range in weight from one gram to 400 ounces or 12 kilograms. The word “bullion” derives from the old French words billon (from bille, stick) and bouillon – bubble on the surface of boiling liquid (from boilir, to boil) and it was a term for a mint or a melting house.

Bullion refers to any form of gold whose value is based only on the quantity and quality or purity of the coin or bar. This value is specified in terms of weight — troy ounces, grams, or kilograms — and purity. Investment grade bullion bars have to have a minimum acceptable fineness is 995.0 parts of fine gold per thousand, as defined by the London Good Delivery List. The list is administered by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

Bullion coins, such as Britannias and Sovereigns, are called that because it is only the gold or bullion content that is being valued. Nonetheless, bullion coins do carry a small premium because of their minting costs, legal tender status, wide recognition, and international popularity.

Who makes bullion bars?
GoldCore only supplies bullion bars to its customers from internationally recognised and respected refineries, including from the UK, Switzerland and across Europe. These include, but are not limited to:
• Johnson Matthey
• Credit Suisse
• Engelhard
• Heraeus
• Valcambi

How to buy bullion bars?
GoldCore sell and make a market in all major bullion formats – ranging from a 1 ounce coins and bars to a 400 ounce bars.

Buying is as simple as calling our London office or emailing us and letting us know how much you need to buy and whether you wish to take delivery or opt for GoldCore Secure Storage. We will then send you an indicative quote.

If you would like to proceed, transfer the required funds into one of our sterling account in Lodnon or one of our multi currency bank accounts. Then, with your permission, we will lock in the price of your order. You can arrange to meet us in our London office by appointment for a consultation. Increasingly, people are choosing to buy their gold online on our secure trading platform.

How to sell bullion bars?
GoldCore makes a market in both selling and buying of investment grade precious metals. If you would like to sell bullion to us (subject to minimum order requirements), simply contact our London office and we will advise you of the procedure. It is simple and involves having the bars returned to an approved vaulting provider and then wiring your funds to you.

How do I store bullion bars?
GoldCore provides storage options in London, New York, Zurich, Singapore, Hong Kong and other locations with a number of leading, internationally respected storage providers.

GoldCore offers precious metal insured storage facilities whereby a UK investor chooses not to take physical possession of their gold, silver, or platinum bullion but rather have their private holding stored with a secure third party. GoldCore’s storage programme allows clients to store their precious metals holdings in GoldCore’s custodian vaults. Safety, security and confidentiality are paramount when entrusted with the storage of our clients’ valuable precious metals.

When UK clients purchase and store allocated bullion with GoldCore, GoldCore provides the client with a Certificate of Storage detailing the holding and documentation showing bar number, refiner name, gross weight, fineness and fine weight. Client gold is held via a bailment arrangement, with client rights governed by English bailment law.