Partner Services

GoldCore has retained some of the most professional and well-known precious metals storage companies in the industry to act as GoldCore’s sub-custodians in offering external precious metals vaulting solutions to our Irish clients in a number of international locations in Europe and Asia.

Storage Partner – Brink’s

GoldCore has partnered with Brink’s to offer our clients secure precious metals storage in Brink’s state of the art secure vault in Singapore.

Brink’s is one of the largest and best known security companies in the world, providing a range of security services including armoured transport and logistics, and precious metals vaulting facilities. Founded in 1859 in the US and still headquartered in the US, Brink’s employees over 70,000 people in over 100 countries.

Brink’s is synonymous with the security industry, and is involved in precious metals vaulting and transport, other secure transportation, cash handling for banks, and a variety of corporate security operations.

In the provision of precious metals services, Brink’s Global provides services throughout the gold and silver supply chains, moving precious metals on behalf of miners, central banks, and other participants in the global gold market, and weighing, assaying and storing gold and silver on behalf of its clients.

Brink’s operates high security precious metals vaults in a number of cities around the world.

In Asia, Brink’s maintain precious metals vaults in Singapore and Hong Kong, while in Australia Brink’s operates a precious metals vault in Melbourne.

In the US, the company maintains metals vaults in New York City, and Salt Lake City, Utah. In New York, Brink’s is the only precious metals storage provider to have been appointed as a Nymex/Comex authorised depository for gold, the other Comex authorised gold depositories being the New York vault facilities of investment banks JP Morgan, HSBC and Scotia Mocatta.

Salt Lake City is home to the giant Johnson Matthey gold and silver refinery, where most newly mined US gold is processed, hence the Brink’s facility is located nearby.

In Canada, Brink’s also operates two precious metals vaults in Ontario, one of which is in Toronto, again very close to Johnson Matthey’s Canadian gold and silver refinery which is in Brampton, just outside Toronto.

In London, Brink’s is a key member of the LBMA, where it operates a number of precious metals vaults near the City, making it the third largest precious metals vaulting provider in the London market behind HSBC and JP Morgan.

As with the other large storage providers, Brink’s precious metals vaults around the world are covered by specialist insurance, so GoldCore’s clients can rest assured that their precious metals holdings stored with Brink’s in Singapore are securely protected and well covered.

External Storage with Loomis International


GoldCore has partnered with Loomis International (formerly ViaMat International) to offer GoldCore’s Irish clients a choice of secure precious metals storage in Loomis’s vaults in Zurich, Hong Kong or London.

Loomis International is one of the world’s leading global logistics and storage companies for valuables such as precious metals, banknotes and fine art. Loomis International offers its clients custom-bonded or inland (domestic) storage at high security storage and vaulting facilities in a number of international locations. Regular audits are undertaken and facilitated by Loomis, and the company operates with comprehensive insurance cover.

GoldCore offers its Irish clients long-term precious metals vault storage at three Loomis vault locations near Zurich in Switzerland, in London, and in Hong Kong. For example, near Zurich, Loomis has a number of facilities in the Kloten area near Zurich international airport, including a recently added high security 600m sq. precious metals warehouse.

Loomis is a member of the Association of European Safety Carriers (ESTA), in London a member of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) and the LBMA, In New York, Viamat is NYMEX commodity exchange authorised for the transportation of precious metals, and is a member of the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI), and the Independent Armored Car Operators Association (IACOC).

Certificate Programme Partner – Perth Mint

GoldCore has partnered with the Perth Mint of Western Australia to offer GoldCore clients access to the only government backed precious metals certificate programme in the world.

GoldCore was appointed as an authorised dealer for the Perth Mint Certificate Programme (PMCP) in 2005. GoldCore is the only authorised dealers for this programme in the EU and one of a select few providers of this service internationally. The PMCP allows US investors, savers and pension funds to own investment grade gold, silver and platinum bullion which is stored in the vaults of the Perth Mint.

The Perth Mint is fully owned by the State Government of Western Australia. The company operates Australia’s only gold refinery and also produces legal tender gold and silver coins behalf of the Australian Commonwealth Government, and a range of silver and gold bar products.

The Perth Mint is the trading name of Gold Corporation, which is the successor organisation of the Royal Mint’s Perth branch which was founded in 1899. The certificate programme is fully guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia which has received the highest AAA rating from international rating agencies, and is the only Government Guaranteed certificate program in the world.

The Perth Mint’s precious metals refinery is on the London Bullion Market Association’s good delivery list for both gold and silver good delivery bars, and on the US CME Comex exchange’s approved refinery list for gold bars.

Storage Audit Partner – Inspectorate International

GoldCore has partnered with independent auditor Inspectorate International to audit GoldCore client precious metals inventory stored at GoldCore custodians’ precious metals vaults. On a semi-annual basis, Inspectorate visits the vaults and conducts physical audits of the precious metals holdings, which are then reconciled with the vault’s own records and with GoldCore’s records. US storage clients of GoldCore can therefore be reassured that this tri-party auditing procedure is of the highest international standards.

Inspectorate International is one of the leading auditors of vault and storage facilities in the world and auditors the precious metals held by many entities including banks, bullion dealers and investment funds in the world’s largest precious metals vaults. Inspectorate also supervisors the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) good delivery system and is an associate member of the LBMA. Inspectorate also monitors precious metals refineries to ensure that the precious metals that they produce meet the LBMA’s quality standards, or what is called “good delivery status”.

Since it was acquired in 2010, Inspectorate International has been of the Bureau Veritas Commodities Division, which is one of the world’s leading providers of commodities inspection and testing.